The Best BBQ Smokers

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BBQ smoking is a great way to cook for the whole week in just one day.  You can make beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetables and cheeses on a smoker.  It is a favorite weekend activity in many households, ours included.  Smoking meat is only growing in popularity. Finding the best BBQ smoker for you and your family is pretty important.  You want to prioritize great flavor, ease of use, time saving, and convenience features into your search for the best smoker. There are a lot of types of smokers to consider as well.

Four Types of Smokers

Electric Smokers

Electric Smokers have the benefit of being really easy to use.  Cooking low and slow with just a flip of a switch. They keep heat even and can produce a good amount of smoke.  Electric smokers are a great option for beginners and more experienced enthusiasts.  To learn more about electric smokers, read our complete guide to the best electric smokers for sale.

Propane or Gas Smokers

A good alternative to electric smokers is a Propane or gas smoker.  Propane is a bit easier to keep a temperature even with than charcoal or wood.  A big downside to smoking with gas or propane is the need to refill of change gas tanks in the middle of a cooking cycle.  We often find thie need to change tanks occurs when it is the least convenient as well.

Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal Smokers need to be paired with wood chunks or chips to get a great smoky taste. They require work and practice to get a nice even temperature.  You need to learn the art of regulating airflow to get an even temperature on a charcoal smoker.   It is harder to keep even long lasting heat.  When you do, you see excellent flavor results from the smokiness of the wood and charcoal.  This is a good option for more advanced BBQ smoker fans.

Pellet Smokers

Pellet smokers are often better than the log smokers due to the size of the wood.  Wood burns clean at higher temperatures. When you burn wood low and slow, it creates bitter and dirty smoke.  This is not the flavor that you want for your delicious meats.  You want to create a clean and sweeter smoke to flavor your food.  This clean smoke is much easier with smaller pellets than logs.  Keeping the a clean smoke low and even is a very much aquired skill set however.  Unless you are an expert BBQ smoker, or willing to put in the time to become one, skip this option.

Our Pick for the Best Electric Smoker

This is the smoker that we recommend to our friends and family.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 20077515

The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 20077515 is our pick for the best electric smoker.  We find that it has a ton of great features.  It has a LED display for temperatures, Rf remote control, internal light, and a wood chip loading mechanism.  The wood chip loading mechanism helps you make sure that you never run out of sweet smoke to flavor your meat.  This smoker also comes in two sizes, 30″ or 40″.

The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 20077515 has a large smoking capacity and can help you smoke a week’s worth of meals in one day.  We love that this smoker has wheels, so you can move it around on your patio or yard.  We also think the wheels are great to move your smoker when you are done smoking into a cool dry place for storage.

We find the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 20077515 to be the best smoker at this price point around.  Click here to read our full review. 


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